Autauga Heritage

One More Thing that Can’t be Fixed

I adore Autauga as the town has so much heritage. Many of the vintage houses remain standing to remind us of our cultural past. Nearby Prattsville where I was raised is also enriched by architectural masterpieces that reflect old values. I hope these values are constant in the modern world. The problem with these old relics is that they are in need of so much repair. I hate to admit it, but my home should be on the official fix-it list. While I didn’t grow up here, I have lived here a very long time, loving every moment. The house was already old when I moved in. You can now imagine the state of the bathrooms and the kitchen. These are the areas that become outdated the fastest. You can tell the date of construction from one glance at the sink and faucet. They practically scream, “help me.” So, I listened.

Looking around my space, I recognize the need for change. My faucet has been dripping for weeks and there is no handyman talent in my personality. I don’t even own a proper wrench. I didn’t inherit any tools from my father.  I know any plumber would recommend replacement and I will no doubt give in. I dial the number I find online for my region. It is frustrating when you live in an older abode and there is now one more thing that can’t be fixed. I see the failure of the faucet as a metaphor for how things wear with age—objects or people. When something is past its prime, it is put out to pasture. This is a sad consequence for something that has served humanity well for so long. As we all know from the renovation TV shows and Facebook pages, you owe it to your house to upgrade it. It will have a nice long life if you treat it with respect. The temptation to remodel is strong and there are so many fine fixtures out there. It won’t be hard to find the best faucet at Kitchen Faucet Depot.

The plumber was of enormous help. He praised the bones of the old house and didn’t criticize the lack of modernity. He simply showed me the specs on the faucet of choice for my needs. Unless I wanted to also replace the sink, I was limited to some designs. I couldn’t use a very long neck, but I could benefit from a pull-down unit. Touchless would be up to me. I could get what I needed for a reasonable price and could add instant hot water and filtered cold for a few dollars more. I didn’t know that so much was available in contemporary faucets. You get good looks, the finish you desire and many great features all rolled into one. I wasn’t sad at all that the time had come for an upgrade. It made me wander about the house looking for other projects.