Autauga Heritage

Best Listen to the Doctor

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. So does drinking eight bottles of water. Good health comes from daily practices like these. Exercise, eat right, get plenty of sleep, and avoid stress—more tips to keep illness at bay. My physician tells me that I have some minor clogging of the arteries, and it gave me quite a scare. Also, with all my soda and sugar consumption, I could be on my way to old age diabetes. But no worries, he said. Just start a healthy regimen and buy a case or two of water.

Not wanting to go shopping weekly and averse to toting heavy loads, I elected to get my clean water another way. I read about different filtration systems and the benefits of drinking filtered water at this page – After that, I immediately elected to install a reverse osmosis unit. It will decontaminate the water and render it as fresh as that which comes from a spring. Yes, the taste of mountain water can be yours without spending a bundle. A home water filtration system does require a bit of an outlay, but it is economical in saving regular purchases of bottled water. You can fill any container from the tap and have what you need for a day or two immediately at hand.

These water systems are not cumbersome. They can be over or under counter styles, or work with an existing kitchen faucet. I like the idea of a whole-house approach so I get clean water for my baths and showers. I love that even the dog can enjoy renewed health. We all will benefit, even my household plants sitting on the window sill. They get thirsty every four days and love the filtered water to keep them moist.

As much as I love my town, and I work hard to preserve its heritage, we are not known for our water purity. Who knows what additives find their way into it. You may get fluoride whether you want it or not. You won’t die from drinking it as it gets tested regularly by the “authorities.” However, you can do better with a home water filtration system of your choice. If not, I would be at the discount store getting some inexpensive bottled water. Oddly enough, different brands have different tastes, so be sure to try them out first. If none appeals to you, the home system is definitely the best route.

Drinking eight bottles (or the equivalent thereof) is not easy. At first I felt water logged, but you get used to it, especially if you pace yourself throughout the day. I have two by eleven, another by one, two more by four, and one by six. I top it all off with two at dinner. If I cheat and drink six, I am pretty sure I have had enough to satisfy my doctor’s recommendation for “more water.” He says filtered water is great to prevent kidney stones, curb appetite, flush out impurities, and more.


Just Like New

I like to get out of the house and take a stroll now and then. I was walking down Main street in Autauga when I spotted a wonderful antique shop, the kind that has disappeared from the heartland of America all too soon. Such stores held a treasure trove of items for personal use or décor. You could go in and browse for hours and come home with just a china tea cup and saucer. You might find that one thing you have been pining for. It was such a pleasure to be there. The owner would tell you all about the inventory and its provenance. I love hearing about the old days and how people once lived in places like Prattville. An antique shop is a bastion of cultural memories. What are we going to do without them once they are all gone? I might have to open one myself. The issue is to find special things that speak to people in a modern world.

I eat up every story and tale about the past and the kind of world that is fast changing as the urban sprawl takes over small town life. For now, let’s enjoy what we have—those of us who are lucky enough to live simply and comfortably amid friends and neighbors in a town that has a rich heritage. Every town has something to share in the present. We learn from the past so let’s not let it die. I do my part. At the antique store that day I bought a great old chair. The problem is that it had seen better days. I imagine the people who sat on it and who wore the wood away. Now it needs some tender loving care and I have asked my handyman husband to help out with some repair. He borrowed a top quality palm sander from a kind neighbor and learnt about sandpaper from this guide. I love that people are close where I live. We all share the same homey values.

A palm sander is indeed a handy item. I wonder how my husband missed out on this gadget when he was replenishing his woodworking shop. It produces a fine swirl-free finish. I understand that this is important. The 3.0 Amp magnet motor produces constant speed and power while a button-style paper clamp system enables you to make effortless paper changes. Every job has its requirements. The universal hose adapter allows for connections with various vacuum hose sizes. Then there is a plastic dust canister fitted with a filter that provides efficient dust collection and enhances durability. This is a small wonder and it really did the job on my chair. It looks like new. Watching my husband at work made me think that I could use this gadget. I don’t collect that much furniture, but now and then a chest of drawers or an end table needs a bit of sanding. I can refinish and re-stain anything after this little machine goes to town.