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Medication Fog

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they face major or minor illness. It can happen at a young age. It might be high cholesterol or blood pressure. It isn’t a cause for concern if you qualify for prescription medication, which means no adverse reactions to the drug. Modern medicine is a miracle, but there are some side effects. Many medications, especially those for allergies, cause fatigue. Benadryl is one such drug that people used to put themselves to sleep even though it is actually an antihistamine—and a very good one at that.

I have seasonal allergies and they can get pretty intense, causing coughing, sneezing, weepy eyes, and more. I use Benadryl because it is fast and effective, even though it causes drowsiness. It works better than other brands in curbing my many symptoms. My niece has noticed this negative drawback and is trying to help me overcome the problem. She has read about these amazing alarm clocks that have sunrise light simulation built in. She has absorbed all the reviews on Be Right Light and has read the many feature descriptions and has narrowed it down to a special wakeup clock. She even contacted them on Facebook, because she wants me to feel more alert in the morning and hopes the appliance will counteract some of my medication fatigue. I am grateful for the help and am willing to listen. No doubt she has become tired of my complaining. We used to jog in the morning together before work and she is sorry that I have discontinued my interest. I am sorry too as I am starting to pack on a few unwanted pounds.

Follow up report: I have received a wonderful clock from my niece as a gift. It was a terrific surprise. I started to use it right away and within days I noticed a difference. I am no longer in medication fog in the early morning. I am not sure why the sunrise simulation works, but it does. It triggers a kind of automatic response in my body that wakes it up gently and effectively. I don’t know if it will work for others, but I imagine it will impact the ability to wake up for most. Taking medication doesn’t have to be a curse. You need it to cure what ails you, but you don’t have to succumb to its drawbacks. If a sunrise alarm doesn’t work for you, try to change your dosage or get a new medication. No one wants to be groggy first thing in the morning. You want to be productive at work. The first three or four hours in your day are the most energetic and you can accomplish a lot. Feeling sleepy in the late afternoon is normal, but you don’t want to feel this way all day.

In short, my allergies are cured and my brain fog has diminished. I will end this blog on a happy note in the hope that it will help anyone with a similar problem.