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The Prattville Study Club

The Prattville Study Club


I think that people should know something about their local community. You don’t have to just focus on that. You can and should think about the rest of the world. Your local community is where you came from, though, and I think that people should try to find some sort of kinship with the people who looked at the trees that you’re looking at now and the people who walked down the same paths. Even if your area looks completely different from the way that it looked a hundred years ago, something about it is still the same. Try to find a way to have something in common with someone who was there a hundred years ago.

I’ve always liked the Prattville Study Club because it really did allow me to establish some sort of kinship with the past. The past of my area is gray, and there are plenty of things not to like about it. It still happened, though, and it is still the kind of thing that people should remember if they want to really feel complete.

We’re all going to be here for a brief while. We’re all going to be gone for longer than we’ve ever been on Earth. We all try to worry about how we’re going to be remembered after we die, which is something that I think about a lot. We should be thinking about the time before we were born as well. That involves being connected with the past to a certain extent.

I hope that the Prattville Study Club stays open for longer. This is one of the places that really does allow people to learn more about the area. It’s one thing to know in the abstract that people from hundreds of years ago stood where you stood. It’s another to actually know the context and to know what their lives were like.