Autauga Heritage

My Favorite Time of Year

What is my favorite time of the year? When you get to be my age, you think about that a lot. You think about the fact that you only have so many days left. You want to remember the days that are the best. You want to be able to think back on the times that you wish you could relive again and again.

I still have to say that fall is my favorite season. I know that lots of people will still say that spring is their favorite season. In the South, it’s usually so hot all year long that the colder parts of the year are often the best ones. There’s all this beautiful foliage in the area and you can appreciate it in all of its colorful glory. This is the time of the year that really allows you to appreciate the South in all of its natural wonders, and I really have to love that as a Southerner.

There are lots of great harvest festivals and fall festivals in my area as well, and that’s always been part of the appeal for me. There’s less pressure than there is at Christmas. In my area, you really are expected to go all out at Christmas time, and that’s usually the way it works for me. I try to be as neighborly as possible during the autumn as well, but there still isn’t anywhere near as much pressure during those points of the year. You can be friendly without having to worry about what everyone else is thinking all the time.

At this point in my life, I also have to love autumn because of its associations with new transitions and new memories. I’m an older person now. We have to think in terms of the time that we have left at this stage of life. It’s easier for me to identify with the autumnal stage of the year as if we have both entered the same basic point in our time. The spring is for the young and so is the summer.

I’m not in the winter of my life yet. I still have some time. Still, I can feel the first frost. It’s easier for me to think in terms of the beauty and the joys of autumn at this stage of my life


A Scrapbook is Like a Time Capsule

I’ve been scrapbooking since I was a little girl. What a time I had back then! I would take all sorts of pictures, images, and clippings, and use them in order to create the sort of scrapbook that I knew I would remember forever.

Maybe in the back of my mind, I didn’t think I would need it. When you’re a little girl you think that you’re going to be a little girl forever. Every year takes forever to complete. You can’t wait to grow up. Then you grow up and everything moves too fast. You want to save the picture and stop the funny tests of time from changing it. To me, that’s what is so great about a scrapbook in the first place.

A scrapbook isn’t as fancy as a photo album. It’s supposed to be a fun thing that people will do together. It always brings girls together. Lots of my best memories growing up, as a young woman, and as a less young woman all involve scrapbooking. I’m an older woman now, and I can still access all of those great memories just by looking at all of my old scrapbooks.

Scrapbooks are time capsules because of the memories that are contained within the pages. They’re also time capsules because of the memories that you create when you are actually working on them. To me, these are some of the best memories of all, and these are the ones that actually make me smile at the end of the day.

Obviously, one of the best things about being able to do something like scrapbooking is that you have the memories, and you also have all of the things that you made in the first place. It’s a nice combination. You get to have a finished product in addition to the fact that you can have the happy thoughts and feelings of those around you as you complete the project.

There aren’t enough group activities that people do together in the same place anymore. When I was growing up, a lot of socializing with the girls occurred over group activities like scrapbooking, knitting crocheting, and things like that. A lot of the best local gossip happened that way, and if you missed out on those circles, you were going to be out of the loop altogether in most cases. You didn’t want that.

Lots of activities today seem to pull people apart rather than bringing them together. There’s nothing wrong with some solitary activities. You have to make sure that you are able to do some activities together with friends, so the activity is actually about the bonding and not just the activity itself. For me, things like scrapbooks are about both.

When you do something in a scrapbook circle together, you are bonding over all of each other’s memories, and that makes a huge difference. Knitting and crocheting are great for this sort of bonding because you are doing something that is capable of leaving your hands free and you’re able to talk to one another at the same time. However, when you scrapbook, you are actually participating with each other in a very different way. You can actually bond over each other’s memories in a way that is not going to work otherwise. While you can always talk about those things over a knitted cap, when it comes to scrapbooks, you always feel as if you are truly making something out of someone’s memories, and it’s hard to replicate that experience.

I recommend that younger people today make their own scrapbooks. Even if they’re digital, it doesn’t matter. It still counts. I hope you just make them with friends and bond over each other’s lives.


Mama’s Favorite Recipes

There’s no cooking like Southern cooking. We didn’t have the fancy equipment for keeping things cool for a good portion of our lives. The American South is warm and tropical in parts, and we need to eat the kind of food that is going to work in a warm and tropical environment. Most of our Southern meals reflect that.

I still remember all of Mama’s favorite recipes. She came up with them all herself. She also told me that I’m not allowed to share them with anyone. She was probably imagining that I was going to be sharing them with people around the neighborhood. She never knew about the Internet, and she never knew that one of these days, I would be able to share all of our recipes with people I had never even met before halfway around the world. She would have blistered if she knew that a bunch of Yankees were going to be cooking her prized meals.

I can never know how she would have felt about me putting her recipes over the Internet. I do think that maybe she would have changed her mind, and maybe she would feel better about the idea of sharing all of this with strangers if she knew that it’s now customary to do this. People share everything over the Internet. The world is not a place that keeps on getting smaller. It keeps on getting bigger. People can share all of their mama’s recipes with everyone.

Mama always used to complain about the fact that the North was big and that people there lived in big cities where no one talked to one another. People in our hometown would just drop by. If you did that in the North, people would look at you funny. They’d think that you were being intrusive or inviting yourself over. Mama always said that this was because they were rude and you couldn’t get friendly with them. She said that people in the North always seemed scared of each other all the time and that this was because the North actually was scarier.

I wonder what she would have thought about the Internet, where people tend to speak their minds without a thought to the consequences, and they sometimes go out of their way to hurt people just because they know that they can and they know that they can get away with it. I wonder how she would feel about her recipes being released into an audience like that.

All I can say is that we all have to find a part of the world that is going to be safe and that is going to work for us. There are lots of dangerous people out there. There are lots of unsafe places in the world out there. We have to carve out our own safe spaces, and it is much easier to do that on the Internet than in many other locations.

I still won’t release her famous recipes, since that is not what she would have wanted. I just want people to know that she had them, and what her wishes were, and how she would have responded to a world like this one. It’s odd to imagine the figures from our past in the modern world.

You have to wonder whether or not they would have adapted to the world of today. Maybe some of them would have. Maybe some of them would have wished for anything that would allow them to go back in time. I like to think that Mama would have been able to adjust to our world in all its wonders. I like to think that she would have been able to move forward and not backward, which is always what she instructed us to do. That’s how I would like to remember her, anyway, so I guess that means that I’m imagining her twenty-first-century self in a certain way.