Step back into a time where you can savor the special moments of your life, a place where the living is gracious, and a day that is all yours to enjoy.  At Buena Vista you can do just that- whether it’s your wedding day, rehearsal dinner or reception, a photo shoot, private party, corporate or any other special event.  A splendid place for the most memorable occasions, the antebellum walls of Buena Vista whisper forth their memories of days gone by- of children laughing, of generous meals and of people dancing.  A place where sun speckles happy times, candlelight heightens the warmth of shared moments, and flowers accent the uniqueness of the most special occasions, Buena Vista is a place for times like these.

Buena Vista is open for Historic Tours, $5 per person, Tuesdays from 10am until 2pm or other times by appointment. Call 334.365.3690

Contact us today to find out how your wedding, personal or corporate events can become part of the unique history to take place within the walls of this gracious home.


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